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ESKAPHOR H 4040/4041/4042, ESKAPHOR H 4070/4071

Product description

ESKAPHOR H 4040/4041/4042 products are Al and alloy chroming products; yellow and green chroming is used in industry as the most important method of preparation (conversion) of aluminum and its alloys surfaces prior to painting. Quality bodies: GSB International and Qualicoat have certified these methods by the DIN50939 standard (German Industrial Standard) as applicable in the preparation of the parts to be painted and used as outside architectural items. Chromium conversion systems give a special grip to different types of paint applied to the aluminum surface.
The amount of chromium in the chroming layer is within the range 0.4 to 0.8 g/m2 of area covered.

ESKAPHOR H 4070/4071 products are AL and ecological alloys Chroming products without Cr. The obtained conversion layer increases the corrosion resistance of aluminum and alloys and makes an excellent primer layer.

Technical characteristics

ESKAPHOR H 4040/4041/4042 products can be used by immersion, spraying at a temperature of 15-40 C.

ESKAPHOR H 4070/4071 products can be used by spraying at a temperature of 33-38 C.