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Automotive painting-drying booths

Product description

The purpose and role of the Linea ECO-AIR professional painting booths is to enable painting cars in a dirt free environment and to achieve paint drying in optimal conditions and limited time. Also, we mention that these booths are non-polluting ensuring environmental protection.
All Linea ECO-AIR booths operate at a drying temperature of 60-80 degrees C. They are made of panels, sides and ceiling of smooth sheet (plane), painted blue or yellow on the outside and white on the inside, with foam insulation and mounted on aluminum frame.
Important: All panels used to build the booth have “U” type reinforced profiles and foam insulation. This type is provided with “SELF-EXTINGUISHING” and, in case of fire, the structure last long before collapsing.
The POLISOL “sandwich” type panels, made with DALTOFOAM TP 21054, are of CSE/RF cl. 1 and NF P 92-501 cl. 1 M 1 fire reaction class comparable to ASTM E 84 cl.1 and DIN 4102 cl. B1/B2.

Technical characteristics

1. Standard dimensions between:
-length from 6 to 20 m
-width from 3.5 to 5 m
-height from 2.5 to 5 m
2. Air heating can be done with: electricity, gas, liquid fuel, steam or hot water.