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S.C. Lackro-Finishing S.R.L. Timisoara provides the Romanian market the latest technologies on covering and anticorrosion protection of surfaces. We sell the following types of equipment, painting and blasting facilities:

  • Painting equipment and facilities with liquid paint in classical system;
  • Painting facilities and equipment with liquid paint in automatic system;
  • Painting facilities and equipment with liquid paint in automatic system;
  • Electrostatic field painting equipment to applying liquid paints;
  • Facilities and equipment for the application of two-component materials: resins, adhesives, sealants, etc;
  • Painting facilities with 2K - 3K automatic mixing for the application of paints with low or high pressure;
  • Painting facilities and equipment for applying powder paint in electrostatic field;
  • Industrial painting-drying booths and painting walls with wet and dry filtration;
  • Painting-drying automotive booths;
  • Fulls line for surface preparation (tunnel or bath system);
  • Blasting booths and blasting cabinets;
  • Automated blasting facilities and blasting equipment;
  • Chemicals for preparation and cleaning of surfaces to be painted (degreasing, phosphating, chroming, removing powder and powder paint);
  • Measurement and control devices for testing after surfaces after painting and for testing preparation baths parameters;
  • Protection and masking items of surfaces that do not have to be painted and have a high resistance to solvents and high temperatures;;
  • Accessories and consumables for painting equipment and facilities;
  • Accessories and consumables for blasting equipment and facilities;
  • Protective accessories and equipment for operators when painting and blasting.